There is no formal testing in the kindergarten classes. Teachers observe, monitor and document the progress of each student on an on-going basis. A record of the child’s performance is maintained. Parents are sent an appraisal of their child’s performance at the end of every term.


The Scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation being followed by the CBSE aims to provide holistic profile of the leaner through regular assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic domains of development. The scheme aims at making evaluation an integral part of teaching and learning process. It focuses on the all-around development of the learner. It includes both scholastic aspects. It is a process used by a teacher to continuously monitor student progress in a non- threatening and supportive environment.

Rajagiri International School has re-framed its Assessment pattern so as to incorporate these requirements of CCE. This will include evaluations that will be carried out in the form of Formative and Summative assessments, assessing both scholastic and co-scholastic domains. The pattern will be as follows.

Grade 1-4

Teachers use regular classroom AFL ( Assessment For Learning ) to monitor the learners progress. Formative assessment (FA) are carried out twice a term to evaluate the overall performance of the student.

Grade 5-9

1. Formative assessments (FA): FA will be carried out through out the year by the teacher both formally and informally which will compromise.

  • Class performance
  • Oral tests
  • Projects and activities
  • Mental Math
  • Spelling tests
  • Written tests

2.  Summative tests (SA): SA will be carried out at the end of every semester.

In accordance with this the whole year will be divided into two terms.

First term – APRIL -OCTOBER             Second term – NOVEMBER- MARCH

FA1 – MAY   :10%                                 FA 3 – NOVEMBER : 10%

FA2 –  JUNE : 10 %                               FA 4 – JANUARY      : 10%

SA1 –  OCTOBER : 30 %                       SA 2 – MARCH        : 30%

Thus the Formative Assessments carry 40% weightage and Summative Assessments carry 60% weightage of marks.