Primary  (Grade 1 – 8)

Our goal for the Primary School is to nurture the children in all dimensions of their life – Spiritual, Moral, Cognitive, Emotional, Imaginative, Aesthetic, Social and Physical. The curriculum incorporates child-centered principles and embraces new approaches and methodologies. It is activity-based and experiential in nature. It emphasizes the importance of Literacy, Numeracy and Language, while at the same time responding to changing needs in Science and Technology, Social and Health Education and Citizenship. The children are best in a nurturing environment which is safe, joyful and intellectually stimulating. The curriculum is a vehicle for discovery and is designed to help the children develop an understanding of themselves as individuals and as members of a global community. Opportunities are provided at all levels to encourage children to become active and independent learners.

Scholastic Non-Scholastic 
Social Studies
Computer Science
Islamic Studies / Moral Science
Arabic (compulsory)
Second Language (Hindi / French / Malayalam)
Physical Education
Art / Craft, Music
Afternoon Activities

Primary Assessment

Continuous assessments are an integral part of our evaluation system and are implemented to ascertain the knowledge, understanding and skills attained by each child. Continuous assessments occur at periodic intervals during the school year and are a part of regular classroom interactions. Parents receive regular feedback and updates on their child’s development and progress at school. The continuous assessments aim to develop independent, enthusiastic and reflective study process. A home-school partnership is encouraged which goes a long way in contributing to the success of each child.